​CNC OD Grinding

  • Up to 125" long
  • 20" in diameter
  • Items would include shafts, rollers, tubes, bolts, etc.

Centerless Grinding

  • We do thru-feed and plunge/infeed grinding (up to shoulders)
  • ​Up to 3" diameter

ID Grinding

  • Up to 50" in length
  • 24" maximum diameter

Blanchard Grinding

  • We can grind up to a max corner to corner length of 86"
  • A maximum height of 36"
  • Items would include plates, fixtures, rings, blades, etc.

Surface Grinding

  • Surface and highly accurate rotary surface grinding
  • Max of 48" length and up to 26" length for rotary surface grinding
  • This type of surface grinding allows for better finishes than blanchard grinding

Repair Work

  • Rather than pay high prices to buy replacement parts, we can repair parts that have which have worn out. We can repair shafts and plates by grinding them flat, chroming them and once again grinding them back to their original size.
  • Shafts, bed plates, etc.